Private workshops - HansKruse
Tuscany morning at Belvedere

Private Workshops

Two different types of workshops are offered 1:1 or 1:2 small workshops and group workshops. For each type the locations are offered from where I'm currently and previously have been running workshops: Isle of Skye, Lofoten, Dolomites, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Sicily. Workshops can in addition to be like the workshops also be mixed with several locations. Please consult my regular workshop schedule in order to find possible timing. Always feel free to contact me and especially if the desired time for a workshop in more than one year out in time. If you want to start a discussion about a possible workshop then please send me an e-mail at If you have requirements that are not specifically met by the descriptions in the following, please start a dialogue with me to plan according to your specific requirements.

1:1 Workshops

These are special workshops where special attention on the needs of one or two persons are desired, not only for location selection but especially for the dynamics possible with a very small group. It is much faster to cover more spots and the dynamics is totally different than with a big group. Most importantly is to focus specifically on the needs of one or two photographers. These workshops are intended to also focus in education and refinement in post processing and shooting techniques in addition to move to the best spots possible given the weather conditions. I know these areas very well as I have been there many times and this also means that I can optimize the experience with the given weather conditions.

Pricing: 1700 Euro per night for one person and 300 Euro per night extra for each person in either single rooms or double rooms. With some restrictions on luggage a maximum of 3 photographers can accepted. All inclusive in the hotels I use for the workshops and including all meals and drinks. This price level is for any location in Italy and if Isle of Skye or Lofoten is desired there will be an added cost. The minimum number of nights are 6 (7 days). The first day is pickup day in an airport suitable for the given workshop. The last day of the workshop will be return to the airport. The driving will be in a roomy and comfortable car. Each hotel will have meeting facilities for post processing education and for critique sessions of images being shot during the workshop. To sum up, the pricing of these workshops are all inclusive for transport, accomodation, food and drinks. It will be possible to combine several locations as for example a workshop in the Dolomites with pickup in Milan or Venice airports and then continue to Abruzzo or Tuscany and return to either Milan or Venice or return at the Rome airport or Florence. Complete flexibility as desired by the client(s). For these workshops full payment is required at signup and needed bookings have been made.

Group Workshops

A group workshop is a group of 6-10 participants like my other workshops and pricing will be on a similar level. The schedules also similar with morning and afternoon shoots and class room sessions in the middle of the day. For a private group the contact person is responsible to gather the group and facilitate the needed payments. In Italy the setup will be similar to the regular workshops, but the length of the workshop can be adjusted to the needs of the group and also combination of locations can be planned. If you have a group that you can gather for a workshop and a desired timing please contact me for a suggested setup and a quote for pricing.For private group workshops I will require full payment when the workshop is committed by both parties.