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Hans Kruse Photography Workshops 2017 and 2018

The workshops offered are all instructed by Hans Kruse. There is no subcontracting to other photographers. Hans Kruse has now instructed 51 workshops since 2008 and will optimize every workshop for the participants level, weather and locations given the experience accumulated over the years.

The workshops are all described through the detailed description for each workshop. Please read the detailed description before signing up. All workshops are conducted in English and speaking English on a working level is recommended for participants. The usual mix of nationalities is truly international (Europe, North America and Asia).

What did previous participants in photo workshops have to say?

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On this page all regularly schedule workshops are listed. In addition I offer customized private workshops. In case you would like a private workshop contact me.

All workshops include accommodation in a single room and all meals in the price of the workshop. Please notice that transport is not included, but see special atrangements for the Lofoten workshop. See also workshop descriptions for details. The first price is for a single room. The second price is for two sharing a double room per person. Please read the section on the optional extra day.

All workshops announced will take place so you can book your flights and other transport early.

  • Lofoten, Norway February 4-10, 2017. Description. 7 days 1995/1745 Euro. See 2) and 3) below. Completed.

  • Tuscany, Italy May 6/7-12, 2017. Description. 6/7 days. 1495/1420 Euro. See 1) below. Space available.

  • Dolomites, Italy June 9/10-17, 2017. Description. 8/9 days. 1895/1815 Euro. See 1) below. Space available. 

  • Isle of Skye, Scotland Sepember 16-22, 2017. Description. 7 days. 2195/1920 Euro. See 4) below.

  • Dolomites, Italy September 29/30-October 7, 2017. Description. 1895/1815 Euro. See 1) below. Space available.

1) The optional day is provided at no extra workshop fee.  The participant pays for the extra day directly to the hotel at checkout.
2) Notice no optional day on this workshop. Also lunch and drinks are not included. Breakfast and dinner is included.
3) Transport is not included but will be organized.
4) Notice no optional day on this workshop.

Workshops 2018

The workshop list for 2018 will be enhanced as the workshops are planned.

  • Lofoten, Norway February 3-9, 2018. Description. 7 days 1995/1745 Euro. See 2). Space available.

  • Tuscany May 2018

  • Dolomites June 2018

  • Isle of Skye September 2018

  • Dolomites October 2018

1) The optional day is provided at no extra workshop fee.  The participant pays for the extra day directly to the hotel at checkout.
2) Notice no optional day on this workshop.
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