Feedback from workshop participants

Tuscany, May 2022: This was my 6th trip with Hans Kruse, and again a top experience. I have done Tuscany spring and fall, Dolomites spring and fall, Abbruzo & Siciliy.
As the other times, it was a workshop with a diverse group of people from across the world, Hans leading the way for all of us. Hans has planned a choice of motives and the right times of day well in advance, Hans knows where to go, you will for sure get some good shots in his workshop! Also his deep knowledge and communications skills adding openness for a good technical discussion, helps to up your camera skills. Whether you are new to Landscape photography or ready to be downright nerdy, Hans will help get your composition skills and post processing to the next level. 

-- Kim Holm, Germany

Tuscany May 2022: With 14 years and 70 workshops under his belt Hans is pretty much guaranteed to know all the best locations. His enthusiastic guidance, combined with the small group sizes and daily review and instruction sessions add up to an immersive and educational photographic experience. No wonder 6 out of 8 participants are repeat clients. This was my fourth workshop with Hans and I will be back.

-- Christopher Jenkins, Switzerland

Tuscany May 2022: Once again a photo workshop with Hans Kruse. And again a fully prepared week, where we got the
chance of getting close to some of the beautiful areas in Tuscany. A nice group of people and Hanse's
guidance made it an excellent trip. Thanks to all.

-- Finn Worsoe, Denmark

Abruzzo October 2021: This is my third workshop with Hans over a period of 11 years and it’s very reassuring to find his enthusiasm, energy and motivation as high as ever. Hans has a very thorough knowledge of the locations around Gran Sasso and we were treated to some wonderful scenery in one of the truly unique areas in Italy and in Europe. Whatever one’s skill level there is always something new to learn from Hans and of course from sharing with the other participants. We were a small group, got along well and most importantly had a lot of fun.

-- Christopher Jenkins, Switzerland.

Dolomites September/October 2021:  What a great trip and workshop!  Thank you, Hans.  This was my second Hans Kruse workshop, so I came with high expectations and was not disappointed.  Hans had of course researched and scouted the shoot locations which he has returned to for years, but then he returns again just before the workshop to re-confirm that everything is “go,” and, when not out on the shoot, his editing and critique sessions back at the hotel, combined with lectures on camera settings and post-processing in Lightroom, and endless tips and advice, give one a very complete and rounded experience plus lots of new knowledge to take back home.  I have been on other workshops with other professionals and would have to rank Hans’s trips as tops for knowledge conveyed, landscape opportunities offered, and boundless, friendly energy with which it’s all packaged and delivered.  If the opportunity for another workshop fits, there is no doubt about my signing up. 

-- T.Loucks, USA

Dolomites September 2021: My wife and I just completed a Hans Kruse workshop to the Dolomites and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. The jagged peaks and valleys of the Italian Dolomites are an incredible venue but it would take months of scouting to find the premium locations Hans has found to photograph. His extensive knowledge of the area and how to get the best opportunities given the weather forecasts allows you to concentrate on taking images. The hotels were wonderful as well, especially the Hotel Adler in the Western Dolomites with its incredible home cooking. The editing sessions in the afternoons provided some new techniques and ideas which I have incorporated into my workflow.
This was our first trip since the beginning of the pandemic and we were a little concerned with the process of entering and departing Italy from the US. However, everything went as advertised and we are seriously considering another trip with Hans next year.
-- Wiebe and Teri Gortmaker, US

Isle of Skye September 2019:
We just finished the Isle of Skye workshop and as always it was a wonderful experience.  You simply will not find a better workshop at any price than those run by Hans.  This was my third workshop with Hans, and almost all of the Isle of Skye photographers had also participated in a prior workshop by Hans.  That should tell you a lot.  In a few weeks I’m off to join Hans again for workshops in Abruzzo and Tuscany, so clearly I’m sold.  If you want to see beautiful places and learn how to get the most out of your camera and Lightroom, join Hans in a workshop.
-- Mike Costigan, US

Dolomites June 2019:
Many thanks again for this great workshop which I thouroughly enjoyed ! The group was a lot of fun and the landscapes of the Dolomites just fantastic. My special thanks to you for this bonus workshop, which included picking me up and dropping me off at Venice airport, more than 2 hours drive to our final destination. That was really awesome ! And despite having been on workshops with you multiple times, there is always something new to be learned, be it with regard to the camera or post-processing. I hope to be able to join you once more sometime in the future, maybe testing a workshop location I haven’t been so far (there are not many left !).

-- Reinhard Fleer, France

Dolomites June 2019: I just finished the June Dolomites workshop with Hans.  It was an amazing experience. and far exceeded my expectations.  Hans has intimate knowledge of Dolomites, Italy.  He has spent countless hours over many trips to search for and discover many wonderful photography locations. He carefully selected each location to provide all participants the best experience in the region and best light conditions. Hans has in-depth experience and knowledge of many camera and photography techniques.  He provided hands-on teaching in the field to help students from the beginner to the experienced.  He gave us important photography lectures, and demonstrated post-processing techniques (Adobe Lightroom) in the afternoon.  He is truly the master in this field.  I have come home with many memorable photos, and much-improved skills.  I'm very happy! Also, he arranged the very best accommodation - the hotels and food were excellent.  I would highly recommend taking this workshop to all my friends.  I also plan to enroll in more workshops with Hans.

-- Mary Wang, US

Lofoten February 2019: Just finished my third workshop with Hans (Dolomites, Tuscany, and now Lofoten). They have all been outstanding. In addition to being an talented photographer, Hans has the special ability to interact productively with people of varying photographic histories - from relatively inexperienced but motivated ones to those who think they know quite a bit. His approach is to let the participants take as much or as little as they desire from his wide knowledge of landscape photography. In the field, each participant can go their own way and follow their photographic instincts. An important tip to future participants - keep an eye on Hans and watch where he goes. Note also that Hans will always spend as much time as needed with anyone who requests input.
But for me, the bottom line for Hans' workshops is simple - his knowledge of the local landscape and the immediate weather conditions maximize the likelihood of great light. Every photographer knows that great images are a combination of luck, location and timing. Because Hans has scouted his locations carefully, he has learned where and when to go. Add in the fact that these workshops are a lot of fun, with excellent accommodations and food, as well as modestly priced, and the overall experience is memorable.

-- Barry Polisky, US

Lofoten February 2019: The time spent with Hans Kruse Photography in workshop mode includes preparing for taking photos, shooting those photos, moving quickly and stealthily among shooting locations, learning the best calibrations for the situation at hand, post processing your photos in Lightroom and definitely not sleeping.  Sleep is for later. Sleep is for dummies.

Depending on the day's location plan you will armed with suggested settings.  Hans freely gives you as much time as needed to answer questions both in the field and in the post processing settings.  He will explain the “why” of his suggestions, framing his answers according to your skill/knowledge level.  The participant critique sessions are a valuable part of the learning process; input from your peers at the workshop is fun and informative.

With Hans Kruse Photography workshops there are always plans “B”.  Outside of his considerable knowledge of the landscape photography field Hans knows the working area.  Surprises are of course part of the fun and happen driven by weather and inspiration.  The experience of both Lofoten and the Hans Kruse Photography workshop was extraordinary.

-- Christine LoRomer, US

Tuscany May 2018: It was my 6th workshop with Hans Kruse. As usual the workshop was well organised, and due to Hans’ research and knowledge of the area we always found locations where we got pictures of the beautiful Tuscan landscape. The workshop contained a good balance between classroom sessions and practical sessions in the field. No matter how the weather was we were able to improvise and chase the light, so all participants got great shots. I always learn something new and get new inspiration from a workshop with Hans. Finally it should be mentioned that hotel and catering were fine.

-- Ib Corneliussen, Denmark

Tuscany May 2018:  This workshop was truly a memorable experience.  Hans is an expert photographer willing to share his techniques and many tips to encourage us to take our landscape photography to the next level and to see 'the light'.  He intimately knows the Tuscan landscape and where to find the best sites to help us achieve our goal of getting memorable captures.   The classroom time was extremely worthwhile.  I especially enjoyed the "critique" session as it was an opportunity to see how other participants saw things and to learn from them.   It was a wonderful week with a great group from six different countries.  No one went home disappointed.  I would highly recommend any workshop by Hans.  I hope to join him and fellow photographers again sometime in the future.

-- Cynthia Sutcliffe, Ottawa, Canada

Tuscany May 2018: I have always wanted to visit Tuscany and was looking for a photography workshop that was suitable. While browsing I came across Hans' website and the moment I saw his work I was convinced . I was part of  Apr-May 2018 Tuscany Workshop and I feel fortunate to have joined this. Hans is very sound on technical aspects and his choice of shooting locations are after his thorough research. He has been extremely helpful answering my endless queries which I started many months before the tour.  Very helpful, patient in all situations and great sense of humour ! I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning new techniques,improving compositions and sharing amazing moments with all other participants from various countries.

-- Soumi Halder, India

Lofoten February 2018: I just completed my second workshop with Hans in the Lofoton Islands (first was Dolomites) and all I can say is WOW!  Lofoton ranks as one of the “must do” places for serious photographers and Hans’ workshop makes it easy.   Aside from the excellent accommodations and superb photography, the best part is the instruction.  Unlike in some workshops, Hans does not help you set up your tripod and look thru your viewfinder to compose ”your” picture.  What he does do very well is help you to see a scene and come away with the best image possible.  Back at the hotel, his Lightroom instruction will change the way you process your images.  I’ve been photographing for 30 years and consider myself an experienced Lightroom user, yet I’ve come away from both workshops astounded at what I’ve learned.  Sign up today for a Lofoton workshop…you will not regret it!
-- Mike Costigan, USA

Lofoten February 2018: With the completion of the recent Photo Workshop with Hans Kruse in Lofoten in February I have now done 5 workshops with Hans.  I can truly say that I have learnt a lot from Hans about Landscape Photography, Composition as well as Post Processing with LightRoom.  I have also done Photo Tours and Workshops with other photographers and can truly say that taking a Photo Workshop with Hans will be the best learning experience you will ever have.  Hans is passionate about teaching and is committed to making sure that you have the best photographic experience ever. When I compare my photographic skills today with when I did my did my first workshop with Hans I can see a huge improvement and I owe it in a large part to Hans."

-- Trevor Chin Quee, Canada

Tuscany November 2017: Thank you for another splendid week.

-- Bård Johannessen, Norway

Dolomites October 2017: 
My first photography tour with Hans Kruse has totally impressed me.The workshop was a complete success. Every detail had been thought of and nothing was left to chance. The Dolomities workshop exceeded all my expectations.
Thank you so much for an unforgettable photography adventure.

-- Hakan Tuna, Turkey

Dolomites October 2017: Thanks for a really good workshop.
Really gave me a taste for landscape photography.

-- Milan Balac, Germany

Dolomites October 2017: I am writing to say thank you for organising great Photo Workshop in the Dolomites in 2017. Your long experience lead us to exiting motives always at the right time for great photography. I have returned with a rich “Bounty” of wonderful photos and memory.

Many thanks for that.

-- Hans Walloschek, Australia

Dolomites October 2017: I joined Hans and a group of photographers on his Dolomites autumn workshop in 2017. I was captivated by the Dolomites the moment I saw Hans's spectacular photos of the region for the first time, and the workshop fully lived up to my expectations.

Hans has been to the Dolomites many times and it shows in his extensive knowledge of the region. Every morning and every afternoon he will take you to some of the most photogenic places you will find in this area. We experienced a wide range of interesting weather conditions, with some magical misty mornings as well as gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. The itinerary was flexible, allowing us to adapt to the circumstances. The choice of hotels was also excellent - great food, comfortable rooms.

In the afternoon classroom sessions, Hans shared his impressive knowledge about composition, camera settings and post-processing in Lightroom. Whatever your level of experience, you will learn a lot! (I did.) I also liked the fact that the workshop included critique sessions, in which we shared feedback on each other's work. A wonderful way to learn from each other. All in all, a memorable experience that didn't leave me bored for a second.

-- Tristan Lavender, Holland

Dolomites June 2017: Before the workshop, Hans Kruse has done extensive geographic exploration,  has a thorough knowledge of  little known locations, and a knowledge of the play of light at different times of the day and year . The family owned  Hotel Adler is a mixture of hospitality, kindness and wonderful food. The Dolomites are stunningly beautiful,  but still accessible. Hans is himself an enthusiastic, accomplished and artistic photographer. He generously shares his extensive photographic knowledge and  post processing techniques in Lightroom. It is clear that he enjoys teaching in class and on location.  The workshop is enjoyable and adds to your photographic skills and artistic ideas. Hans' hard work  and personality ensures a great photographic experience in a supportive group environment without any logistical worries or concerns.
-- Valerie Y , Canada

Dolomites June 2017: This was my second time attending a Hans Kruse Workshop and the experience was even more beneficial and enjoyable than the first. I was delighted to find that there was more to learn and my experience was well worthwhile.I continued to gain knowledge of Camera Gear, Computer Hardware, post processing and of course Photography. I once again improved my photography and learned more about good composition from Hans and my fellow participants.

Another great aspect of Photo workshop is the Tour Guide part. Without a doubt I got to see and photograph some beautiful landscapes and scenes that I would not have found on my own and frankly had no idea they existed. One particular Church my group has shots from 4 different locations.

I have researched other workshops on the European Continent, but I cannot find one that offers the value that a Hans Kruse Workshop offers. All 3 daily meals, (with Wine) and very hospitable accommodation are included in the price. Also this was my second workshop in the Dolomites (first the Autumn, this time the Spring) and I learned there is a great benefit to revisiting a location again.

-- Jon Bavan-Pritchard, Canada

Dolomites June 2017:
This was my second time attending a Hans Kruse Workshop and the experience was even more beneficial and enjoyable than the first. I was delighted to find that there was more to learn and my experience was well worthwhile.I continued to gain knowledge of Camera Gear, Computer Hardware, post processing and of course Photography. I once again improved my photography and learned more about good composition from Hans and my fellow participants.

Another great aspect of Photo workshop is the Tour Guide part. Without a doubt I got to see and photograph some beautiful landscapes and scenes that I would not have found on my own and frankly had no idea they existed. One particular Church my group has shots from 4 different locations.

I have researched other workshops on the European Continent, but I cannot find one that offers the value that a Hans Kruse Workshop offers. All 3 daily meals, (with Wine) and very hospitable accommodation are included in the price. Also this was my second workshop in the Dolomites (first the Autumn, this time the Spring) and I learned there is a great benefit to revisiting a location again.

Dolomites June 2017: 
What a fantastic workshop!  Without a doubt, the best one I’ve ever attended.  Some workshops teach about photography; here I learned the craft of photography.  Classroom instruction covered everything from Lightroom to online backup of files and building your own website.  Regardless of your experience level, you will learn a lot.  I’ve used Lightroom for years and thought I knew it pretty well.  After this workshop I’m redoing all my images…and the difference is amazing.
Of course you sign up for a workshop for the scenery and you will not be disappointed in the Dolomites.  I don’t know how Hans found all the locations, but they’re just as beautiful and amazing as they appear on his website.  I’ve been photographing all over the world for 30 years and I came away from this workshop with a treasure trove of images like nothing I had before.
One more thing, Hans doesn’t advertise it, but the meals at the Hotel Adler are as good as any gourmet restaurant in Italy.  My wife and I agree we haven’t eaten that well in our entire life.  I will definitely be doing another workshop with Hans soon.

Dolomites June 2017:
Sonja and I have been to 7 of Hans' workshops over the last ten years, every workshop was simply great, we have lasting friends from each one, each workshop has presented us with multiple stunning images though the combination his meticulous location research and the classroom teaching which has continuously challenged me to a higher image processing ability off of an pretty good Lightroom knowledge base.  Sonja and I highly recommend Hans' workshops, who knows maybe we will meet you on a future workshop, no reason for us to stop at 7.

-- Gary Campbell, USA

Tuscany May 2017:
My husband and I had made plans to travel to Tuscany in the spring of 2017. We planned two weeks there and as I was researching the best areas to photograph, I came upon an offering of a workshop with Hans Kruse. I read some of the testimonials and looked at images from previous workshops and decided to give him a call. He was very helpful in helping me determine what I would gain from the workshop. My main goal in this trip was to locate particularly special photographic spots. And Hans was extremely good at picking them out! He stayed flexible and worked with the conditions which gave us the most optimal shooting opportunities. I never could have found those spots on my own. In addition to that we had afternoon sessions (when the sun is too harsh for photography) where he went over tips and tricks in processing with Lightroom. Although I use Lightroom all the time, one can always pick up new ways of processing which I definitely did! We also spent a couple of days critiquing each other's images with Hans's input. Again, it was great to see how others interpreted the same areas and to get great feedback. As if this weren't enough of what we were looking for, the cost of the workshop was as reasonable as any I have ever seen. We had three excellent meals a day and very nice accommodations all included in the fee! I would recommend this workshop to anyone unfamiliar with Tuscany and wanting to spend time with other photographers as well as get expertise guidance with a great photographer. The plus for me as an American was that I got to meet some wonderful people from other parts of the world and share stories with them too. Thank you, Hans, for your encouragement and guidance and lots of good laughs!

-- Lynne Feiss Necrason, Chapel Hill, NC USA

Tuscany November 2016: This was my second tour with Hans Kruse.  It did not disappoint.  The accommodations are always superb.  His technical know how of cameras and Lightroom are unsurpassed.  He is the perfect blend of technical and artist.  I look forward to another tour in the future.

-- Stephen Thomas, US

Dolomites October 2016: While I have always loved photography, I only began taking a renewed interest in it this year after my wife gave me a Canon for Christmas.
Based upon seeing some of my photographs, a friend who worked with Hans Kruse last year recommended that I sign up for one of his workshops.
This was my very first photo workshop. Given my somewhat limited experience level, I was somewhat apprehensive about attending the workshop.
The scenery of the Dolomites was breathtaking everywhere we went. Hans superb knowledge of the local area allowed us access to areas of the Dolomites that I believe most do not get to experience first-hand.
As a result of the hands on assistance provided by Hans during our shoots and workshops, as well as help from participants who had attended other workshops, I left the Dolomites with a greater self-confidence in my ability and look forward to continuing to develop the skills that I learned while there.

-- Richard Laird, US

Dolomites October 2016:
I had the pleasure of participating in the Dolomites workshop in October 2016 and had booked it on recommendation from other photographers. Even though my expectations were high, the workshop exceeded them in several ways.

The scenery is simply breathtaking and experiencing sunrises and sunsets in the mountains is awesome.

The workshop was very well organized and Hans knowledge of the area and photography is enormous. I think everyone made significant progress in their understanding of landscape photography - and came back with great photos.

I fully understand why several of the other participants had come back for more - I surely will too.

-- Thomas Gundel, Denmark

Dolomites October 2016: I participated in Hans' Dolomite Workshop October 2016.  This was my first photo workshop.  I learned about Hans from various blogs and came across his site.  Although I've been taking photographs for many years without any formal training, I consider myself a well-educated amateur.  I found the workshop to be outstanding.  It changed the way I shoot in many fundamental ways.  Hans is an excellent photographer who has developed a strong technique for conveying information to workshop participants.  He provides information as deeply and extensively as the participants need or request.  He does not hover over your efforts but is happy to provide advice and feedback while he shoots side by side with you.  As you would expect he is deeply knowledgeable about digital technique and camera details, but beyond that he has an artistic perspective about composition that is especially important.  This perspective can be learned to a certain extent and this was the most valuable lesson I took away from the workshop.  The workshops also feature critique sessions for participant shots which were also especially useful in developing one's style.  I found the workshop to have an intense focus on technique and style which greatly enhanced my efforts in photography.  I believe everyone in the workshop felt the same way.  Perhaps the best recommendation for these workshops are the repeat participants, of which I am highly likely to be one.  Highly recommended.

-- Barry Polisky, US

Dolomites October 2016: This was an outstanding workshop that greatly exceeded my expectations. There were so many good things about it: Hans' expertise with all aspects of photography and processing with Lightroom, spectacular scenery, a small group that is given time to build a great rapport and learn from one another, well structured days, a wide variety of settings, extra equipment to borrow if needed, nice lodging with good food, and moderate pricing. Hans leadership was particularly notable -- he did a great job of leading by example, alternating between acting as tutor and a passionate colleague reveling in the beauty of the settings and the photos. I was surprised to learn at the beginning that half the group had attended previous workshops with Hans; by the end, I eagerly signed up for another workshop myself. Everyone left the workshop with the kind of remarkable photos shown in Hans' collection from this location, and the ability to produce more on our own.

-- Steve Vinter, US

Tuscany May 2016:
Participation in this workshop was a great pleasure. Hans Kruse is an excellent workshop leader. He provides good technical advice (on taking the pictures as well as processing them in Lightroom) and helps with composition/light/colour etc. But he doesn't tell you what to do, he provides a framework in which you can choose and learn for yourself, which in the end is a much bigger learning experience then "now we're all going to shoot this scene with a 150 mm lens from here". Secondly Hans is very knowledgeable of the area, knows well known as well as less well known places to visit. He also has a good read on the weather and knows when to go where. All-in-all a great workshop and if there is a future opportunity to visit one of his workshops I will certainly do so.

-- Pieter Gellings, the Netherlands

Tuscany May 2016:
Thank you for another rewarding workshop, this time in Tuscany 2016.  You have a unique combination of skills that make your workshops highly likely to be successful for all levels of landscape photographer.  The combination of excellent organizational skills, thoroughly developed knowledge of the photographic geography of the area, ability to clearly express your strong, practiced artistic temperament and interest in teaching, make you an exceptional photo group leader.  We had read about Pienza on multiple forums about hill towns in Tuscany and hoped to visit there to shoot.  It was the perfect plan B for a day with flat light.  We feel grateful to to have shared this time with you and the group of photographers you attract.

-- Tom & Peggy Kahan, US

Sicily December 2015:
My second workshop with Hans. And like the workshop in Tuscany (November 2014), it was a fantastic experience. I learned so much in the field of composition and exploiting the (sun)light, the possibilities of my photo equipment and the do’s and don’ts of post processing.
Hans’ knowledge and skills are remarkable and I love his sense of humour.
Thank you so much, Hans. Hope to attend another workshop very soon.
-- Ineke Ruiter, the Netherlands

Dolomites West October 2015: I attended the Dolomites West Workshop in October. I was delighted to find that Hans possesses a well-developed skill set for conducting a workshop in all facets of photography, from knowledge of great locations and when to be there, a vast technical knowledge of Camera equipment (Canon & Nikon),  Camera operation and setup, achieving great composition, and utilizing available light. During the Classroom sessions he also showed an extensive working knowledge of utilizing Lightroom to achieve great results in post-processing. But most important, he uses good presentation ability to pass those skills on to his workshop participants.  I am very pleased with the images I got during the workshop and post workshop and I can see a noticeable improvement in my photography and I have new skills and knowledge that I can build on to improve my photography.

Hans works tirelessly to ensure the weeks experience meets expectation. As well, I got to share my enthusiasm and learn from  8 other participants from other countries. The workshop offered great value on it’s own, but what sends it over the top is the hospitality and meals served by the very gracious and warm host Family at the Hotel Adler. The pleasurable dining experiences with the group just add to the already great memories, experiences, and photographs I brought back from the Workshop.

-- Jon Bevan-Pritchard, Canada

Dolomites East and West September/October 2015: You certainly ran a very organized tour with options to change sites as conditions changed.  The settings were stunning, the opportunities amazing and the classes were enlightening.  Your suggestions camera settings and for Lightroom workflow made all the steps simpler and more time efficient.  I learned a lot from your talks, had a great time with the other participants and thought the the food was great.  I would recommend your tours to any landscape photographer and really enjoyed getting to know you.

-- Ken Carlson, US

Dolomites West October 2015: I joined the Dolomites West October 2015 workshop and had a great week. We visited some great locations in the Dolomites, which I imagine will be inspiring to almost anyone with an interest in landscapes. Hans Kruse is a good instructor and readily shares his knowledge. You can get help and inspiration anytime, and you can work alone or in groups depending on your preferences. Hans will show you a simple system that lets you spend your time in the field concentrating on light and composition rather than on camera settings, without losing details in highlights and shadows. This is a great help in the mountains where light and cloud formations can change quickly. He will also demonstrate the post processing technique he uses to get the impressive photos you can see on his web site. These two things combined gave me a very useful alternative to my own technique. Most of the teaching happens through examples and practical work in the field. In the associated critique sessions, you will be evaluating each other’s work, and you will see what others get from the exact same situation you are in. I found this very educational and it has definitely strengthened my consciousness about photographical seeing. The nature in this region is in itself an enriching experience, not least in a beautiful sunrise, and the same goes for the excellent food we feasted on every day! I also enjoyed the social togetherness in the group, with lots of laughs and good discussions. All in all a good experience, I can only recommend it, and I will definitely consider joining upcoming workshops with Hans. I have brought a lot with me home that I can work on.
-- Anders Jensen, Denmark

May 2015 Tuscany:
I had the luck to get a birthday present to this workshop from my wife. My wife and I learned a lot on this workshop, all though it was hard in 6 days to get up in the morning at 04:30 to go out in the landscape. I have never thought that the morning light was so exiting. It changed in a very beautiful way.

The workshop was though all days very professional with high intensity.
The nature in Toscana vas very beautiful and I have to say that Hans knew all the fine places.
I will also say thank you to all the other percipient’s for some very nice days.

Jette and I thank you all for a very good workshop and we hope that we could join another workshop with Hans.

-- Steen aage Nielsen and jette Larsen, Denmark

May 2015 Tuscany:
This was the first time I participated in one of your workshops. I learned a lot each day, both in the field in terms of composition and understanding of light and in post-processing with Lightroom.
I appreciated your approach to let every participant build on their own experience and skills. Interaction of the group during shootings and photo critique sessions were also very helpful . At the end of the day, I always felt motivated for the next day as I wanted to test something new that I had learned the day before.
Thank you Hans for this outstanding workshop. Attending one of your next workshops will have a top priority on my to-do list for 2016.

-- Patrick Spang, Luxembourg

Tuscany May 2015:
I attended my first photo workshop may 2015 in Toscana.

I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the nature, the sunrises and sunsets in only a few minutes changing the character
of the scenery, together with the great joy of sharing these golden moments with a wonderful group of people from seven different countries and our mentor, Hans Kruse.

Hans' knowledge of photography seems to be without limits, Technically none of our cameras were unfamiliar to him.
And his instructions regarding the use of the editing program," Lightroom" were outstanding.

But a camera is naturally only an instrument. During the 5 days we spent with Hans, from early morning till evening time,the main focus of Hans was gently guiding us in capturing the landscapes, and refining our photos in the reediting process. 

Hans is excellent in explaining and inspiring all of us in our efforts in trying to reach this goal.

I already look forward to joining Hans Kruse in another workshop in the nearest possible future.

-- Nils Ruben, Denmark

Sicily April 2015:
Thank you for a very enjoyable 2015 Sicily workshop.  You excel at getting clients to a place, at a time when we can succeed and you offer on point guidance as needed and wanted.  The critique sessions were the most democratic I have seen.  It was invaluable to not only see the variation in images others captured at each location but also to hear their individual impressions of each image presented.  Your persistent calm, good humor and "deep well of infectious enthusiasm" is an added bonus.

We hope to join you to explore the back roads in Umbria and Abruzzo and in the Dolomites.

Tom & Peggy Kahan, US

Abruzzo and Umbria October 2014:
It was my first photoworkshop but hopefully not the last. The benefit I gained from the workshop exceeded my expectations. Both Abruzzo and Umbria are great places. Hans’s knowledge of the two areas is outstanding. He was always able to find the right place at the right time to ensure the good image. The workshop is a good combination of practical training, information and education in editing and grading of the photos where Hans is a very insightful and educational director who manages to get all partcipants to work well together and create team spirit.  -- Mogens Holm,  Luxembourg

Tuscany November 2014:
I attended the november 2014 Tuscany workshop. It was my first time in Italy and my first time at a photoworkshop.
I have been looking at Hans Kruses pictures and workshops for several years, thus I had high expectations. Before going on the workshop I hoped for the workshop to deliver in three different areas:

  •  I wanted to learn something new for capturing and processing pictures as well as improve workflow
  •  have a good time with other people who care about photography and pictures
  •  get some great pictures

I can for sure say that the workshop met all my expectations. Hans Kruse has an unusual high level of technical insight into capturing pictures and processing the images to achieve the highest quality, and as everybody can see on his websites a delicate sense for composition. He knows the locations very well and adjust the schedule according to time of day, the weather and the participants needs. Hans is a good and well prepared teacher for the classroom sessions. He has a lot of individual advice on how to improve composition, workflow, printing and publishing - so be prepared for some homework when you return from the workshop :-)
I can easily recommend others to attend a workshop and hope to participate on another of Hans Kruses workshops at another time. -- Mogens Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dolomites West September 2014:
I want to thank you again for a fine photographic workshop experience.   My sons and I have traveled many places together before this trip.  But, we unitedly have concluded that this was the best single experience that we have had together.  Much of the success of this trip for us was due to your fine leadership and excellent and patient ability to teach photographic principles to others.  It also was made more wonderful by the first class food and accommodations of the hotel.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us.  I am already planning in my mind another excursion with you and my sons. -- Paul Thomas, US

Dolomites West September 2014:
I have just completed the Dolomites West workshop with Hans Kruse, and am returning from this spectacular region with a number of strong images and a feeling of pleasant exhaustion. Hans'  workshops are a comprehensive experience . There are of course early morning and late day shooting excursions, and the midday period is occupied with various lectures and critique sessions. The environment is one of intense stimulation, shared with an enthusiastic leader and the fellowship of other participants. Hans brings to his workshops a potent package of skills; he has in depth local knowledge,a high level of  creativity, technical savvy, superb organizational abilities, and a strong motivation to enhance the learning of other photographers.  I personally found the two afternoons of critique sessions to be particularly instructive. It was a great opportunity to share with and learn from the other participants, each one of whom brought their own package of skills and experience to the Dolomites. The ' infrastructure " components of the workshop are also very strong. Accommodation is in a cosy, family-run hotel, very welcoming and hospitable. The food was absolutely spectacular, and the service gracious. I was very impressed by the hotel's willingness to happily accommodate the  unusual hours kept by those on a photo workshop ! They made us feel "at home.   I look forward to joining Hans on another of his workshops soon. -- Michael Gaudet, Ottawa, Canada

Dolomites East and West September 2014:
Returning to the Dolomites after a walking tour many years ago my aim was to photograph this stunning area and convey some idea of its unique beauty.I could not have done better than join two of Hans Kruse's photo workshops (based in Cortina and then Bolzano).Mountain weather is unpredictable but Hans nearly always managed to get us to the right place at the right time and his workshop sessions helped us to make the most of the images we had taken.His conscientious concern for our individual needs
and his easy manner produced a happy group of photographers who went home very happy. -- John Deason, UK

Dolomites East September 2014:
This is my 4th Hans Kruse workshop and just like my preceding ones I left totally satisfied with the experience and most importantly memorable pictures.  Year after year Hans has proven to be a master and willing teacher in both landscape photography and post processing techniques.  Hans knows the areas well.  He is always prepared and will go to great lengths to ensure his workshop participants go home with breathtaking shots.  The price of the workshops are a great deal when you consider the quality of the meals and accommodations.   I have great memories sitting at the dinner table with all the wonderful participants, joking with Hans to take it easy on us when trekking up hill (at 4:30 am) to reach the ultimate vantage point.  Thank you Hans for opening my eyes and I look forward to another workshop very soon. -- Nando Tedeschi, Canada

Dolomites East September 2014:
A workshop with Hans is like taking a drink from a fire-hose - you struggle to take a breath amidst a torrent of shooting opportunities and technical and artistic guidance. Hans is dedicated to taking the best possible pictures, and that means being in the best possible place at the best possible time and using the best possible technique. He has done meticulous research in all three areas, and participants reap the benefits in a friendly environment. Not forgetting - he has also researched the logistics, and found affordable and comfortable accommodation and a dinner table around which to share experiences with the other group members. -- Jeremy Henderson, UK

Abruzzo Umbria June 2014: 
What could be better than breath-taking vistas, sunrises, sunsets, giant thunderheads, and fields and fields of flowers? A photography workshop in the midst of them with Hans Kruse!   I learned so much, but I still haven’t even touched the depth of knowledge Hans has to share about how to use your camera to the utmost, how to capture the scenery to its advantage, and how to use Lightroom to enhance the photographs to put the viewer in the scene.  Hans is a master at what he does; that is evidenced by the number of returnees to the workshop. Of the ten participants, eight were returning participants from other workshops, and of these eight, three had been to four or more.   That in itself is the biggest recommendation; they continue to come as there is still more to learn.  Yet novice photographers like me feel right at home in the workshop. There is knowledge to be gained for all.  Hans spends a lot of time researching his locations to know where and when to go for the best light and scenery, whether it is a wide open broad expanse of hills and valleys, mountain peaks, pond reflections, herds of sheep, cattle or horses, picturesque villages, or fields of flowers. He is just as adept in finding suitable hotels close to his shooting locations and arranging delicious meals.   I have fallen in love not only with his workshops, but with the variety of Italian pastas.   Heaven is a wonderfully thought-out week with a photography master who loves to share his knowledge!  -- Karen Swift, US

Abruzzo Umbria June 2014: Perhaps the most complimentary comment I can make about this workshop is that eight of the ten participants (including myself) had attended at least one workshop with Hans previously!  I think that says it all, when that many people return for another workshop experience with Hans.  In this workshop I again benefited from the excellent planning done by Hans and his excellent classroom and field teaching.  Hans has a deep well of technical knowledge, but he is equally keen on teaching the art of photography.  I learned so much in this workshop (and had fun, too!), and I am very grateful to Hans for helping to further improve my image making and post-processing skills.  Salute, Hans!  -- Kit Ogburn, US

Dolomites West June 2014:
I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Hans for the exceptional experience. Everything was wonderfully organized. The locations are stunning and Hans choose them carefully. I am grateful for the time and effort that he has invested so we could get closer to this unique world of photography. Everything was there for us, we had great accommodations, excellent food, wonderful fellowship and of course the stunning photos that we all made. This  was my first workshop that I attended and I will certainly come again. Thanks again for everything dear Hans. -- Jelena Calasan, Serbia

Abruzzo Umbria June 2014:
This was the fourth workshop my wife Sonja and I have taken from Hans Kruse, and my sister Karen came for the first time, and as always we had a very productive week.  After four years we decided we wanted another chance to capture the old castle in a different mood and we did.
The Abruzzo location is fabulous for photography, mountain peaks, a very picturesque old 10th century castle, old villages, and herds of sheep, cattle, and horses in the mountain pastures.  Umbria was a nice addition to the workshop with it’s breathtaking valleys and light combinations.
I’m a very experienced photographer and Sonja is a quilt artist who bases her quilting on photography.  What I like about the workshops is it builds on our experiences, both of us learned new techniques from Hans on both using our D800 camera to the maximum potential and using Lightroom more effectively.  My sister was new to both the D800 and Lightroom and she was able to come up the steep learning curve quickly under Hans’ tutelage.  Hans is very good at running a workshop across a wide range of people’s experience on cameras and Lightroom.  We are looking forward to Hans adding new venues next year and plan on attending when we can. -- Gary & Sonja Campbell, USA

Abruzzo Umbria June 2014: Thanks again, Hans, for conducting an excellent photo workshop in Tuscany, Italy.  I have been enjoying and learning from your many excellent photos from Tuscany for some time.  And, I've been wanting to attend one of your workshops since we first met in Moab, UT during an Andy Biggs workshop.  Your knowledge about photography was obvious at that time, but what impressed me the most was your positive attitude and your eagerness to share that knowledge with others.  The Tuscany workshop exceeded my expectations.  It was packed full of photo taking and classroom learning in an excellent location with lots of laughter and good food to add to the experience.  Hans, your skill as a teacher was made obvious to me by observing the daily improvement in the overall quality of the images that each participant offered for critique.  A job well done.  Thanks!  Highly recommended. -- Douglas Bolt, US

Dolomites West June 2014:
The 2014 Dolomites West  was my first, but hopefully not last, workshop with Hans. I enjoyed the workshop, shooting with Hans and the other participants was a real joy. Hans has researched the surroundings very well and took us to a lot of places with good shooting oppurtunities and good light. Arrangements were excellent, with a full schedule, always hunting the good light. Another side of the arrangement was the stay at Hotel Adler, where we had excellent four meal dinners and good wine in the evening and breakfast on returning from the morning shoot. Each day we had a couple of hour of seminars on image processing by Hans, who generously shared his experience. At the Hotel Adler we were taken care of by Werner Putzer, a very amiable young man. -- Erik Kaffehr, Sweden

Abruzzo Umbria June 2014: Thank you for a wonderful week and learning experience. I learn something new almost everyday for my photographic knowledge. You make me a better photographer. -- David Kalman, US

Dolomites West June 2014:
This was my second workshop together with Hans as I also attended the Abruzzo workshop last year. Many things makes these workshops a memorable experience. Hans has done extensive research in the area and we were taken to some very beautiful locations that offered several amazing photo opportunities. During workshops Hans shared information on how he is approaching taking his amazing pictures and we as participants learnt about technique around capturing the pictures and taking these through post processing. I have benefit a lot from the guidance Hans has provided and this has certainly made me a better photographer. During the workshop we held critique sessions which was very educational to receive feedback from others on pictures we each had produced. I also really value the time I got to share with other interesting participants. During the workshop I learnt a lot and bring back many great pictures. I do see myself return for another workshop with Hans. -- Frank Dahl, Denmark

Abruzzo Umbria June 2014:  My fifteen-year old son and I joined this workshop. It was a week of total immersion in photography. Hans goes through the entire photographic process, from knowing your equipment, composing your pictures and post processing. I appreciated the time he took to help my son set up his camera and give him ideas about photographing a particular scene. Hans does this for every participant, all you have to do is ask. Photo shoots are early in the morning and in the late afternoon and evening hours. The locations he took us to were breathtaking. There are lectures everyday, including time for photo critique, which I found very helpful. Hans is a master of his craft and an excellent teacher who clearly enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion with his students. My son and I left with memories and photographs that will last both of us a lifetime.  -- Ramon and Victor Anastacio, USA

Tuscany May 2014:
Over the last years I have visited the Tuscany area several times and I made a bunch of photos. But I never felt really happy. Too postcard like. With Hans Kruse as a privileged, and knowledgeable coach that changed over the whole line.  One learns to see, to distinguish the essential, to learn the difference between a ‘registration’ and a picture what could be turned into a wonderful piece of artistic work. Would I recommend Hans’s workshops to newbies? Would I like to participate in an upcoming one? You bet I do! -- Jean Verrept, Belgium

Dolomites West June 2014:
Hi Hans, your Dolomites-West workshop was a great experience. You led us to magnificent alpine locations that were worth getting up at four AM for one-hour drives to catch the sunrise and coming back for dinner at ten PM after having waited for the sun to set. And instead of letting us catch up on sleep during the day, you kept us awake with fascinating instructions on post processing and composition. I have learned a lot from you and from discussions among the knowledgeable and genial participants in our happy group. Thanks a lot, Fritz -- Fritz Scharpf, Germany

Tuscany May 2014:
Tuscany was my second workshop with Hans. The workshop in the Dolomites also inspired me a lot but Tuscany topped it. Both workshops were an incredible learning experience, it changed my view of looking at a scene. Hans not only is a great photographer, he also is a very patient and thoughtful teacher. He was there when you needed him, and his great knowledge about digital photography helped me a lot, I never felt lost, and there was always a solution. I am sure I will join one of his workshops again in the near future since it is a great experience to shoot together with Hans and enthusiastic participants. Thank you Hans for your patience and excellent guidance. -- Sigrid Block, Switzerland and Germany.

Tuscany May 2014
: Thanks again for the Workshop in Tuscany. Our expectations were high, but you have succeeded in going beyond. We have enjoyed the whole of it, from shooting to tutorials, all cemented by your professional organisation, and your touch of humour. The group of participants, with its diversity, was adding to the joyful ambiance of the workshop.  We already look forward to taking part in one of your coming workshops. -- Mairi Sakellariadou and Claude Viallet, France

Tuscany November 2013
: It was my 4th photo workshop with Hans Kruse and I now look forward to the 5th workshop. As always a well organized workshop in an exciting area. Not only the hotel and good food but especially the nature and the possibility to get exciting pictures. Should the weather be problematic, Hans always has other options for taking pictures and he also spends time in the working room teaching Lightroom and post processing. In this area he is competent and attentive to the students and he always look at new features and possibilities. The fact that Hans researches the workshop locations and know the light at different times of the year, means that I comfortably return again on a new workshop. I see Hans as very engaged and serious with his workshops and I’m always know that I’m getting a good experience and pictures from the trip. It’s certainly worth traveling for and not a relaxing vacation, but a photo experience and work. Each participant learns more about him or herself and their pictures in cooperation with other exciting and experienced participants from all over the world. An extra bonus, is to meet some of these nice people from the different part of the world again, having met them on previous workshops also makes a difference ;) – Helle Lorenzen, Denmark

Dolomites West October 2013: Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Hans for having provided a great workshop. It really went beyond my expectations: everything was planned ahead of time and very well thought out. It made me appreciate photography in a much more serious note. No matter how many books I read it is a whole different experience when somebody shows you out in the field. I appreciate Hans hard work in trying to get us out there even in some days of not exactly appropriate weather. No time was wasted. Also the logistics together with the accommodations were very well thought out. It would take a lot of time to scout around for the great shooting locations he showed us. All in all a great experience. -- Alvaro de la Fuente, Canada

Tuscany November 2014 was my 4th workshop with Hans Kruse, and as usual everything was well organised. Thorough research by Hans prior to the workshop ensures that we find the right places with great landscapes and fine possibilities for nice light. It makes it possible for all the participants to come home with great landscape photos. The workshop contains a fine mix of classroom sessions and lots of shooting around the landscape. I find the workshops inspiring for my development as a photographer, and I learn a lot every time. Hans is very enthusiastic, and I enjoy his company as well as I enjoy the interaction between the participants in the group. I can recommend a workshop with Hans no matter if you are beginner or an experienced photographer. It is not the last time I will join a workshop with Hans. -- Ib Corneliussen Nielsen, Denmark

Dolomites October 2013: I have wanted to go to the Dolomites for many years, and I had heard about Hans’s workshops for some time. When he had a cancellation for this trip, I jumped at the chance, and I wasn’t disappointed. The shooting locations were spectacular as expected, but Hans’s dedication, constant attention, and valuable knowledge imparted to us were the real reward. It was extremely helpful to see how and what he does with his gear in the field, and his many tips and explanations were extremely beneficial. His classroom sessions between shoots, or when the weather was uncooperative, were just as informative. I was extremely pleased with this trip and would certainly consider attending another of Hans’s workshops. -- Thomas Loucks, Denver, Colorado

Tuscany November 2013: It was my second time participating in a Hans Kruse Workshop after the first one in the Dolomites June last year. This year the workshop was again excellent as it provided me with plenty of nice places to shoot and also the opportunity at all times to ask and learn all aspects of landscape photography. On top of that learning Lightroom was a bonus without paying a further cent (on the extra days)! Photo critique among the participants was the most fun and interesting part of workshop. Least but not least wishing all the best to all your future workshops. I will for sure sign up another workshop again hopefully next year. -- Marcellian Tan, Malaysia

Tuscany November 2013: Thanks Hans for the great workshop. We are able to join Hans two days before and a day after the actual workshop. Be it before, during and after, we have equal chances of exploring and capturing good landscape with Hans around. The critic sessions during the workshop have been most helpful in learning to look at our own as well as others' pictures and thinking through to further improve the different aspects of a landscape photograph. We have met interesting and nice people participating in the same workshop. It was truly enjoyable and beneficial. Thanks all for the memorable time photographing the beautiful Tuscany -- Ming Ong, Singapore

Abruzzo October 2013:  It was again a pleasure to join a workshop with Hans. At the workshop we were wrestling with all issues of landscape photos, from post processing to final look. I took away from the workshop what it is, a game changer and an approach to all the issues related to take great landscape shots . To say the last, is was a very valuable week. -- Niels Klaris Denmark

Dolomites October 2013: I've been on numerous photographic workshops, but have never witnessed a leader with such a dedication to getting his participants the images they're looking for. Hans' boundless energy and enthusiasm is contagious, his knowledge of shooting locations more than impressive, and his skill with both camera and post processing priceless (the two, very intense days spent in a classroom setting were worth the price of the workshop for me). On top of it all, the Hotel Adler, where the workshop was conducted from, was easily the nicest shooting location base I've ever had. I've already recommended Hans' workshops to a friend, and plan on going again myself in 2014. -- Jack Mitchell, USA

Abruzzo October 2013: This was my Fifth workshop With Hans, and it was just as fantastic as always, and just as magical as the first time I went. I re-visited Abruzzo, and With Hans there will never be a repeat or anything on auto-pilot. The landscape is always spectacular, so fantastic that you never get finished With (photographing) it. This is also one of the reasons I returned again. We went to many New (to me) locations this year too, as Hans has so many Nice spots so visit. And also great about Hans, is that you always learn New Things. This time I knew more of the default settings for landscape in my camera and what Equipment was best suiting the task, and I could focus more carefully on framing and composition, as Hans has taught me so much valuable in visualizing and the art of "seeing", and how to take in, but also extract parts of a wonderful huge scenery as a landscape really is. I got many Nice shots, and everything from staying at the wonderful hotel Rigopiano, the cousine, the Company and the critique session was as always a great pleasure. The only real downside With a Hans Kruse workshop, is that a week goes way too fast, time flies too fast when we are out there chasing the light. THank you again, Hans, I will most certainly come back to Your workshops. -- Petter Furuseth, Norway

Abruzzo October 2013: I really enjoyed the workshop with Hans in Abruzzo. He is very focused on bringing the people at the right time to the right place for taking awesome pictures. He is very well prepared for several camera settings and types. Also, he is doing great sessions how to postprocess the pictures in Lightroom with a very good knowledge of the functionalities in the software. Although I am already doing landscape photography and lightroom postprocessing for a longer time a learned a lot of valuable things for my future photography work and I am pretty sure to attend another workshop from Hans. -- Gianni Di Loreto, Germany

Dolomites October 2013: I again want to thank you for a really great workshop in the Dolomites. I have been on numerous workshops, but have never seen the leader work as hard as you--you knew where to go and when for the right shots, and even though you had to adjust the schedule according to weather changes, we got full days of shooting for the most part, despite adverse weather in some situations. When we were not out shooting, you were giving really useful instruction on taking images and post processing at the hotel conference room so there was not a moment lost.

The facilities at the Adler were just as impressive. Your arrangement with them to do their meals around our shooting schedule gave us a lot more flexibility in "following the light."

I have already recommended your workshops to a couple of photographers and as soon as I can put aside the time, I'll be signing up for another workshop. -- Dennis Halides, USA

Le Dolomiti, September 2013: This first class workshop held all elements one could dream of as a photographer. First-rate locations hand picked by Hans himself and as such worth the cost of the whole workshop. Practical and 'theoretical' guidance, an enthusiastic group, top camaraderie. Add an excellent hotel, a variety of food, good wine and you have an experience never to forget. -- Jean Verrept, Belgium

Dolomites East September 2013: As I drove back from the photo workshop with Hans in the Dolomites – I live in Stuttgart – I was digesting an intense week of experience and learning and thought about writing a few words for those considering a workshop with Hans.

I do this primarily because it was an out of this world experience for me in the stage of photography I was at, when I joined. What I had in the backpack when I left after a week with the workshop was exactly what I needed to take my photography to the next level.

What I found from day 1 was an instructor that had done a lot (!) of homework to provide me (and the group) with the best possible opportunity to – Learn, Watch, Learn and Improve. All the twists and tricks on how to get the optimal pictures, not only in a variety of beautiful sceneries, but also to get more familiar with your equipment, get rid of some of the bad habits – or perceptions – you might have. All this, while learning where your equipment performs at its best.

I walked away not only with a set of shots which would impress almost anyone (breath taking locations & sceneries) but also feeling good about the technical quality, the composition and the light techniques. Not to forget how to process once the pictures are taken (in my case Lightroom 5).
In the social settings around the meals we discussed the 4 stages of competence (you can look it up in WIKI) and I clearly moved - quicker than I had hoped for - from unconsciously unaware through consciously unaware to (half)aware with this workshop. A huge leap in a great week.

Thank you to Hans! -- Kim Holm, Danish living in Germany

Dolomites East September 2013: I joined the Hans Kruse workshop for the third time. Why you may ask. Simply because I do bring back new experience, new knowledge concerning the use of my equipment. Hans have an ability to meet the participant at their personal skill level. Put at little pressure on you to get out there at deliver at little more than you normally do. And all this for the third time. Well done I will be back. -- Finn Worsøe, Denmark

Abruzzo May 2013: Thanks again for having organized this workshop, it has created great photo opportunities and I think I have learned a lot. -- Reinhard Fleer, German living in France

I attended Hans’ Dolomites workshop in June 2013 and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I feel I have added to my skills as a photographer. The Dolomites are a great location for a photo workshop and Hans’ experience and knowledge of this area is a huge help, it would be very challenging to find these shooting locations and the optimum times for light on one’s own. The logistics for the workshop were well organized and the Hotel Adler and Werner made us feel very welcome. The workshop format with a good mix of location shooting, post-processing labs, and group critique sessions was educational without being too rigid. -- Hans DeBruyn, Canada

Tuscany May 2013: I have learned a lot of exiting and very useful photo technics on this workshop with Hans Kruse. Hans has introduced and practiced with us some very practicable and inspiring work methods, which can be used in various photo shoots, and I have become crazy working with Lightroom. I am now much more confident in how I prepare for and makes a shooting successful. I can recommend a workshop in company of Hans Kruse. -- Christina Andreasson, Danish living in the UK

The workshop in Abruzzo October 2012 was my fist photo workshop and I hope to join your other workshops. Your great engagement and ability to get the group to work across ability, age, gender and nationality was a pleasure to witness. The area where the photo workshop took place was very well chosen since there were many locations where we could photograph depending on weather and where we at home would have given up, we went out and got great photos in dramatic weather and in my case probably got some of the best shots during the workshop. It was a pleasure to be with you and learn a lot from you as well as the other participants and most importantly to have a week together with a very nice group of like minded people sharing the same interest and really have time to concentrate on photography. -- Thomas Fabritius Falck, Denmark

It was great to participate in the Abruzzo 2012 workshop. Everything was well organized, and there was a fine mix between shooting in the field and classroom sessions. Thorough research carried out by Hans prior to the workshop combined with his knowledge of the area makes it possible to go to the right locations at the right time, so everybody gets the opportunity to capture great photos of the fantastic landscape. It was my 3rd workshop with Hans, and as usual I learned a lot about composition, camera settings, and post processing. I also enjoyed the interaction and experience sharing within the group. No matter what level you are on, I am sure, you will benefit from a workshop with Hans. -- Ib Corneliussen Nielsen, Denmark

If you are looking for someone to lead you to beautiful landscapes in Italy and someone to help you improve your landscape photography, then Hans Kruse is your man! For the second time I have attended one of Hans's workshops, this time in October 2012 in Abruzzo. Hans is a "pro" in every sense--planning, communicating, finding a rich variety of shooting locations, teaching in the field and in the classroom (HDR technique and Lightroom 4, as examples), and ensuring enjoyment by every participant. Thanks to Hans and a fantastic group of participants, I learned a lot and had a ball doing so! (...Now I've got to figure out a way to attend a third workshop!...) FIVE STARS, HANS! -- Kit Ogburn, USA

After reading Robert Foglia's Testimonial(USA), what more can I add. But I shall tell my story.........coming from Australia, I was looking to do a workshop within a certain timeframe in Italy, so doing a search on line I found Hans Kruse. I started reading all the testimonials and it all just sounded too good to be true. Well,I thought why not, I shall give it a gopart of must be accurate. Its all true. The workshop was amazing. Accommodation fantastic (including great meals). My confidence in handling of my equipment, understanding my photography, just "seeing" the world around me, all these were developed and improved greatly with Hans guidance and knowledge. One has to pinch oneself, when in the Dolomites, for a reality check. It is amazingly beautiful country to be in and be able to photograph. Hans, could not do enough for us to ensure that our involvement in the workshop reached our potential and beyond. A passionate photographer as Hans is, I have never met before. I highly recommend it to all keen photographers. -- Faye York, Sydney, Australia

Thanks a lot for the workshop has been organized in Italian Dolomites! Up to us it was well prepared, scheduled and finally well done event. Also it was great opportunity for me and Olga to visit one of the beautiful place we’ve ever been. Thanks for your photographic knowledge and experience shared with us, your hospitality and good mood. We really enjoyed to stay at the Adler Hotel. It was nice choice from location point of view and it’s also well family managed place with cozy atmosphere and comfortable rooms. And off course as an additional bonus and pleasure for us was to meet with really good international group team of enthusiasts! Thanks for everybody for your great support, tolerance to Russian and your sense of humor. We wish you good luck and hope to meet you again! p.s. Hans, I won’t recommend you for my friends basically Russians. It may give you to much participants, popularity and new opportunities.. No.. It would be better to freeze your unique workshops as reasonable priced, intelligent and really well organized! Thanks for that again! -- Olga and Victor Afanasenko, Russia

My evaluation of your course is that it was first rate. It was only the second photography workshop I've attended, and it exceeded my expectations. Your organizatonal skills are readily apparent. The attention to detail with identifying the various locations to shoot, and contigencies to go to another locale, amply reflects your preparation. The Dolomites are simply magnificent. Words can not amply describe the myriad of photo opportunities ; the pictures begin to show just a bit of their beauty. Werner and his family at the Hotel Adler were outstanding hosts. An excellent location for a base. And being able to walk 100 meters from the hotel and shoot multiple waterfalls and forest was yet another fine addition. Your willingness to be available prior to, and after the course for further days of shooting was simply outstanding, and was much appreciated. The members of the course were terrific. We had two Norwegians, a Dane, a Canadian, two Russians, an Australian . and one American, me. What a fun group to learn with and from. At the end of the day, the course revolves around your efforts to make the clients, us, get more engaged in photography. Your enthusiasm and the skill with which you impart information makes the course. I think my photographic skills improved ; now I need to work on my computer skills. I know that my inability to export material was frustrating for you, and I assure you that it was for me also. Clearly, an opportunity to learn and do better. I'd like to be able to take another course with you. In rating this one, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 11. -- Robert Foglia, USA

I attended the Dolomites Workshop October 2012. This was my first ever photo-workshop and I'd never really done landscapes before so I didn't quite know what to expect. What an overwhelming pleasant surprise it turned out to be! For me it was a true revelation to experience the grandeur of Mother Nature - together with some marvellous co-workshoppers. The workshop was very well planned and structured. No time-wasting. Hans had done his homework to the highest degree and took us out to some extraordinary sceneries - early morning before sunrise and at sunset. Under the guidance of Hans everything went smoothly. It was an intensive learning experience and yet we had a lot of fun. Great people with lots of humour. Hans is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and he has got the kind of personality that builds up a very friendly atmosphere as the basis of all activities. The Hotel (Adler) was optimal, very reasonably priced, first rate meals and driven by a dedicated family. Hans Kruse generously offered extra days (without fee) at the end of the workshop. All in all I've been on a fantastic journey and I really look forward to the next one so thank you very much! Highly recommended! -- Michael Bennati Schou, Denmark

I first saw Hans Kruse’s web site a couple years ago and was blown away by the beautiful landscapes that he had posted. My initial reaction was that I had to do a workshop with him. This came to pass this October 2012 when I joined him in Abruzzo for his workshop. The workshop surpassed even my high expectations. It was obvious that he had done his homework before the workshop participants even got there. Each day he would guide us to an area where not only was the landscape spectacular but the lighting was just right. Each night he would research what the up coming weather condition might be like and what the lighting conditions would be. Based on that he would determine the location to photograph. I’m sure that having a knowledge of the area helped a lot with this. The result was obtaining photos that I didn’t think I was capable of. In the informal classroom settings I learnt a lot from him about landscape photography. During these sessions I learnt a lot about composition, lighting and camera techniques. For those of us who were not that familiar with Light Room, especially LR4, he was very helpful with tips. As a result I have decided to switch from Aperture 3.2 to Light Room4. The two critique sessions that we had were very useful for me. There were 9 participants in the group and I must say that I enjoyed the camaraderie during the workshop. Although the skill levels varied amongst the group (with me being one of the least accomplished) I felt very much a part of the group and learnt a lot from all of them as well as from Hans. The most telling thing about Hans Kruse’s workshops is that at least half the participants were doing their second workshop with Hans (some were doing their 3rd workshop). I will be amongst this group since I am planning to join Hans in his Dolomite Workshop in October 2013. Finally I think this workshop provided great value for the money. Not only did it improve my photography but it also gave me the opportunity to see a part of Italy that the average tourist doesn’t see. --Trevor Chin Quee, Canada

Thank you for your energetic efforts, enthusiastic teaching and sympathetic listening - I learned a lot from you. -- Provash Ganguli, Canada

Indeed l had a great time and wonderful learning experience during the entire workshop. I admit l met a group of very nice people there and l did enjoy the wonderful fellowship everyday. I told my friends here that the workshop offered me something that l won't be able to learn over in my country! I'm definitely looking forward to the future workshop likely next year in Tuscany. -- Marc Tan, Malaysia

After joining the photo workshop in the Dolomites June 2012 a new door has opened in my photo life. It was a great experience to be inspired to take pictures in the places that Hans knows so well and to experience the importance that the light in the mornings and late afternoons have on the pictures. And not the least to have the patience to get the right light and clouds. The combination of the photographing, post processing and photo critiques in the workroom was the right approach for me. I can highly recommend everybody to take a week out of your busy schedule for such a workshop and return spirited from the experience. And I advise you to come relaxed as it will be a very busy and intensive week J -- Jørgen Fynsø, Denmark

I attended Hans' workshop in Tuscany 21-25 of Nov 2011. This was my first workshop and I was looking forward to see Italy for the first time. I was certainly not disappointed ! The landscape is wonderful and to experience the Italian people was also a joy. Later on I learned that this was Hans' first workshop in Tuscany. You would never have guessed. Lovely sites to see every day and lots of coaching from Hans made the workshop a great experience that I can recommend for sure. The hotel provided the necessities and the company was top notch. We had a really nice time. So if you want to learn landscape photography and at the same time enjoy yourself, I suggest that you book one (or several) of Hans' workshop. I sincerely hope to join in again. -- Tonnya Borghill, Denmark

Due to some delays I was the last one to join my group (Dolomites October 2011) and I was overwhelmed by the friendly and warm welcome.This team spirit was growing during the week – and at the end ten good friends said good by to each other. Hans Kruse is a most competent and experienced workshop leader, very friendly and always with an open ear to the wishes/questions of the participants.. He has a good sense of humour and enjoys a hearty laugh. At the same time he is a person who exactly knows what he wants and is not easily dissuaded from his targets….I am sure that he has stored a long list of all the interesting places of the Dolomites in his computer as secret data. His knowledge of the location is phenomenal. Hans shares his personal knowledge of the scenery with his group. Before this workshop I had been in the Dolomites three or four times, and all I brought home were boring nice-weather images. That all has changed totally: Every morning, we were up to see how the sun’s first rays formed breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, and every night we could see the most marvellous spots disappear with the sun. After a strict and merciless selection of their pictures all participants of the workshop went home with about one dozen images of the highest quality. Our hotel with its comfortable rooms was run by a pleasant, obliging family, whose friendliness, excellent cuisine and service thrilled the whole group. …Looking at Hans’ program for 2012, I wonder which travel would fit my timetable best. Tuscany? Abbruzzen? -- Peter Heinsch, Germany

I have attended 2 workshops during 2011 (Abruzzo and Tuscany) with mr Kruse, and it was everything I hoped for and more. I learned so much about chasing the light, approaching the location, framing, composition, Lightroom, how to operate my gear etc etc. Just observing a master photographer like Hans, was just tremendous and I feel I learned a lot and developed my skills of landscape photography. Hans is not only extremely good at what he does, he is also a great guy to be around, and he is more than happy to help and giving advices and instructions anytime. Hans really makes a strong effort to give every participant of his workshop the tools to giving his or hers best and develop. I really think he is a great teacher, mentoring us and making us more confident in what we do. I particullary like the critique sessions, and that we get the chance to re-visit some of the best locations as our skills develop, it is very fascinating to come back to a beautiful spot when we have more knowledge of what to do, and how to try and improve it. Hans is also easy to be around, and if you come with the right attitude and motivation, I can guarantee that your knowledge will expand and develop. I think I came back from both workshops with the most essential: a bunch of good photos on my hard drive. I cannot thank Hans enough for the doors he has opened, and I am also extremely grateful for the extra day Hans offered at the end of the workshops. I would not hesitate participating again, it was an amazing experience from A to Z. -- Petter Furuseth, Norway

Great locations, comraderie, and accommodations sums up a great photographic experience on Hans' Dolomites workshop (October 2011). I was impressed by the level of talent of all participants in what was a week of fun and good collaboration. Of course Hans puts it all together wonderfully and is quite accomodating in assuring each participant gets something meaningful out of the workshop. I would not hesitate in recommending this or any of his workshops to anyone seeking a fulfilling photographic getaway. -- Sam W. USA

It was by pure coincidence that I discovered the site advertising the workshop led by Hans "Tuscany in November" but it will not be a coincidence when I sign up for another of his workshops. I had the opportunity to learn not only to read a landscape, to describe it in the appropriate light, to use my camera correctly but also to edit my photos with Lightroom...the entire programme was delivered with such expertise, humor and dedication by this lovely person Hans. Thank You Hans for these wonderful moments under your guidance. I also want to thank my enthusiastic fellow workshop participants for their cheerful company during these unforgettable days. "See you soon" I say, as I just want to have another experience like this! For those who read my posting: Don't expect to rise late in the morning!!! -- Rosemarie Mühlematter, Switzerland

I have now done all 3 of Hans' current workshops and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I am looking foward to Hans coming up with a fourth so that I can once again return! Highly recommended. -- Alistair Owens, UK

I just came back from my second workshop with Hans Kruse (Tuscany November 2011) and I'm already looking forward to the next. Highly recommended. -- Bård Johannessen, Norway

I have been following Hans' workshops with great interest over the last 3 years. I was amazed at his wonderful work and it made me want to explore landscape photography; being primarily a sports shooter, I really wanted to learn about landscape photography. Well my wish came true and I had the privilege to participate in Hans' October 2011 Abruzzo workshop. I was not disappointed....He knows the area very well. He was very well prepared hence we didn't waste time "looking" for places to shoot. Hans was very approachable with questions and concerns. I came away from the workshop with a better knowledge of composition, f stops for landscape, anticipate a "great" shot with changing light conditions. I also became more comfortable with Lightroom and camera settings with Hans' help. The accommodations and meals were first rate. I will be participating in another workshop soon.......Well done Hans. -- Nando Tedeschi, Canada

I had a great trip with Hans Kruse to Abruzzo in October 2011. It was a real WORKshop with very early and late shootings and great working/training sessions with lightroom/postprocessing - that convinced me to use Lightroom instead of Photoshop for my pictures in the future. A great presentation by Hans containing (almost) every thing needed - showed me that I had used too high apertures previously and why. That one bit of information have made all my future landscape pictures much sharper. Great tips on why you should use liveview and a lot of other tings to use for getting better landscape picures – much appreciated. Hans’ has done his homework and researched the locations very thoroughly on previous visits and also just before the participants arrive. He put long hours into getting everybody up to speed whatever their needs. Camera, lightroom, compositional or other picture or technical issues were covered on an individual basis only possible with many years of experience and great passion for photography. Hans’s great pictures was what convinced me to go for the workshop but Hans’ enthusiams is contagious and it is very likely that I will return for another workshop to benefit more from Hans’ experience and great location knowledge. What really speaks for me about a great workshop are the 100+ great photos I took during that week. -- Jesper Kiehn, Denmark

Thanks for some great days in the beautiful Dolomites. A wonderful group to be a part of and especially learn from with you Hans, who again found some exquisite beautiful places to take pictures of. The weather was with us and as always, you knows beautiful places to photograph morning or evening. Enjoy meeting so many new wonderful people with the same humour and passion for photography and openness to give and learn from each other. Hans, your exciting workshops open up for many possibilities and learning, so I will return again.....;-) -- Helle Lorenzen, Denmark

In October 2011, I attended the Dolomites Photography Workshop led by Hans Kruse, and I came away with inspiration, new knowledge, and great memories of absolutely beautiful landscapes. Hans is an excellent leader, with great technical expertise (in the field and post-processing) as well as an appreciation for photographic art. In addition, he has a genuine gift for working with people. Hans is energetic, humorous, and sensitive to the needs of workshop participants. Hans prepared very thoroughly, scouting locations beforehand for the best photo opportunities. He knew the right timing for shooting and was well prepared for weather conditions. ~ I absolutely want to attend another of Hans' workshops! Hans gives 100% plus! -- Kit Ogburn, USA

Thanks for an outstanding, well organised, breath-taking photographic workshop to the dolomites. Truly enjoyed your encouragement, your passion, your inspiration which indeed did put up new benchmark for us all. Can only highly recommend your workshops. Will for sure be back! -- Niels Klaris, Denmark

I would like to thank you for participating in your photo workshop in the Dolomites. I went for two reasons; to share my pasion for photographing with other like-minded photographers and to become a better photographer. Both goals, were met. Through working on locations and the subsequent workshops and critique sessions, I had strengthened my technical and compositional abilities. I got the opportunity to share experience with other photographers as well as through direct coaching. I can only give the warmest recommendations no matter what level you are on. -- Hans-Peter Henriksen, Denmark

Many thanks for the workshop. I enjoyed it very much, learned a lot and had, despite the weather, a nice short holiday. All my friends are very enthusiastic about the images and they all agree that bad weather conditions can lead to some nice pictures. I agree. If I look up to a dark sky now, I can see the potential in it, never looked at dark sky's that way earlier. -- Hans Krusemann, Holland

Thanks for the workshop, loved it! -- Ricardo Liberato

This is my second time to attend a workshop organised by Hans (previously attended Abruzzo). The format of Hans workshops are superb. The combination of sunrise / sunset location shoots, classroom sessions, critiques, team spirit, energy and support from Hans combined with the Dolomite locations and hotel facilities was first class. Another key reason for my attendance is the benefit of Hans research into the most suitable locations. This effort cannot be underestimated. Thanks Hans for such a good experience. -- Matt O’Brien, Ireland

After having a great experience participating in your Abruzzo workshop and in my own opinion having improved my skills since last workshop my level of expectation was high. Meting you and the other participant was great. The days went very fast, but the outcome from discussion with the other people in the group and your great experience an knowledge concerning the area, made it another great Workshop. Your follow up on my pictures was great as well. I will be more than happy to recommend your workshop to other photographers. Thanks again. -- Finn Worsøe, Denmark

I was lucky to participate in October 2010 Abruzzo Workshop. It was a great pleasure and very educational to meet others interested in photography from other countries. Hans is very serious and thorough in his workshop. He has humor, is open and attentive to people's differences, where he is good to teach in different levels. He knows the beautiful area with stunning countryside really well and know where it is best to photograph whatever the weather. There is a fine line between teaching, photography and especially finishing when we get home, which makes me feel to have learned a lot. It makes me want to join a new workshop to see and learn more. Thanks for a super week and in great company with the whole group. -- Helle Lorenzen, Denmark

My second attendance at a Hans Kruse workshop and it was again superb. Great locations, well researched and good company. I will be back! -- Alistair Owens, UK

It was a great pleasure to participate in the October 2010 Abruzzo workshop. Every thing was well organized and there was a fine mix between shooting in the field and class room sessions. Thorough research carried out by Hans in advance combined with his knowledge of the area made it possible to go to the right places at the right time. Hans is very enthusiastic and willing to share his experience with the participants. The workshop was conducted in such a way that there was fine interaction between Hans and the group and within the group itself. I learned many things about composition and technical matters in connection with landscape photography and got lots of inspiration from Hans and the group. -- Ib Corneliussen Nielsen, Denmark

As a restarter re more serious photography after doing only snapshots for the last 20 years I very much appreciated the Abruzzo workshop in early June 2010. A gorgeous landscape in the best time of the year and different weather situations provided an excellent frramework for very good shots even if due to high sun we didn't get much to sleep during the four days. Especially to mention the abundance of flowers af all kind which covered the hills like colourful tapestry: Guided by Hans with his excellent knowledge of the area, his high professionalism and his patience with me as a restater the WS became a full success. The goup also helped very much because I got in touch with and learned much from experienced semi professionals like Gary, Sam and Toon. The atmosphere in the group was fabulous and food and wine was good. At the end I was very satisfied with the results not knowing before that I can achieve such wonderful shots with the adequate consultancy. -- Volker Dietz, Germany

I participated in the Abruzo workshop June 2010, together with 5 other enthusiastic photographers. It was amazing how many good shots we all made during this workshop. Hans knew the area and where to go, to find the optimal spot, independent of the sometimes fast changing weather conditions. Although I photograph already for more than 35 years I learned a lot at the workshop. The way to select your subject, go back to a location several times. You will see more details and photograph at different weather and light conditions. The use of different lens types was demonstrated in the field and its result in the lectures. Also Hans enthusiasm for photography and his knowledge of the surrounding, made it an unforgettable workshop. Thanks, Toon Mouws, Holland

I truly enjoyed my photographic workshop to Abruzzi with Hans Kruse. Wherever you may be in your photographic journey, Hans' technical and artistic expertise will help move beginner or expert along in their development. The workshop was well organized and Hans' knowledge of Abruzzi allowed everyone to maximize their photographic opportunities while in the Appenine mountains. Accomodations where excellent and quite accomodating to our demanding schedules. I would recommend his workshops without reservation. -- Sam W. USA

I participated in one of Hans' workshops in Abruzzo in October 2009. The workshop was well prepared and it was characterized by Hans' extremely good knowledge of the area and his talent for finding optimal photo possibilities with regard to landscape, timing and weather. Although we had less fortunate weather conditions some of the time, this was compensated by this talent, by good classroom sessions and by a willingness to being flexible regarding the workshop schedule. Through the workshop I achieved better knowledge of landscape photography, of post processing with Lightroom and a batch of nice photos! :-) -- Morten Storm, Denmark

This workshop has been very giving for me, and all my high expectations were more than fulfilled. Despite to the fact that Italian authority, just before the workshop started, did cancel all hotel reservations in the area, Hans did manage to find another Hotel in a very short time and make the workshop come through. For that I am Hans very thankful. Hans know the area very well, and have a very pleasant way of telling you, how to improve your technical knowledge, and your way of simply looking at a landscape, spotting the essential things, and catching the right moment. While in Abruzzo I through that we spent too little time with Lightroom, but this has been more than compensated when we returned home. The following month we have sent a lot of E-mails with photos and criticism to each other, and Hans has done a good job, coming with suggestions and positive criticism of every single photo. For me this workshop has been very educational, and has changed my way of making landscape-photos. -- Bjarne Tulinius, Denmark

Despite uncomfortably long driving ranges (due to circumstances beyond Hans' control) Hans' thorough knowledge of photography as well as the terrain of Gran Sasso and its scenic potential afforded us memorable opportunities for shooting beautiful landscape images. His generous but succinct critique of our efforts led to lasting improvements of our photographical qualifications. -- Jørgen Aage Jensen, Denmark

When I joined Hans Kruse's workshop in Abruzzo, I hoped for some inspiring days with good company in one of the most scenic parts of Italy. The workshop exceeded my expectations. Hans knows all the best spots and more. The group was a committed one, we spent every single minute of beautiful morning and evening light out in the field. Our memory cards filled quickly up with mostly good shots thanks to the experienced advice given by Hans during the workshop. -- Bård Johannessen, Norway

Hans' workshop was an incredibly intensive and immersive experience. The days were crammed with shooting, discussion, reviewing and learning. To give an idea, each day we did 5 hour trips before breakfast at 9am! And then the same before dinner... Hans offered an expert but flexible itinerary which helped ensure we got the most of the conditions and the group's preferences. In particular, there was just the right balance of exploring some areas more than once to learn how beneficial it is to revisit locations under different conditions, and some just the once to maximise the diversity of the landscapes we visited. Great fun, very worthwhile, highly recommended. -- Gavin Shurmer, UK

Hans' enthusiasm for photography and Italy came shining through the workshop I attended. There was a nice balance of landscape photography, hands-on with digital editing software, and individual help on images. He shared his expertise and experiences with all in a very positive way, encouraging everyone to advance no matter their skill level. Thank you Hans for an excellent workshop experience ! -- Peter Marker, Denmark

 .... I am even more hooked up on this hobby as I was before. My recommendation to other photographers is to go for it if you like landscapes. It is a wonderful area, and Hans know where to go. -- Finn Worsøe, Denmark

 .... Hans did a good job of integrating a group of people, many who never met the others before. Overall, a very good experience. -- Matt O’Brien, Ireland

I really enjoyed Hans' Abruzzo workshop. The area offers some amazing landscapes and Hans does a lot of preparation beforehand, is familiar with the area and scouts out some great locations. Through this workshop I feel I have started to understand how to indentify, isolate and capture the essence of the landscape and to get some great images. -- Alistair Owens, UK

A very pleasant and very giving experience. Not the last time I enroll on a Photo Workshop. And it could well be with Hans Kruse once again. -- Frede Hansen, Denmark

.... Hans Kruse leads a very friendly and informal photographic workshop to well researched locations. I look forward to future workshops. -- Des O´Riordan, Ireland

I enjoyed the workshop very much, my enthusiasm for landscape photography got reinforced, and I decided to enroll on some more photography workshops in the coming years. More.... -- Fabian, Germany

This workshop turned out to match my expectations, which were pretty high in advance. It is not because I learned a few new tricks with the camera (I did), or the crash course on Lightroom 2. It is because I had the chance to witness a new attitude, a new and absolutely inspiring way to look at a landscape. Driving next to Hans and listening to his small comments on the hills, ridges, shapes or sheep passing by, and learning why we didn't stop there was a revelating experience, even so in such an amazing landscape where I could easily spend days just by looking at it, and contemplating on what to shoot next day, or maybe the day after that. The experience of being there at the exact spot where the rapidly changing interaction between light and land happens, and having an experienced photographer next to you, who tries to build on your thougths on what you see, instead of forcing you to think like he does, is really invaluable and I just can't think of anything else which can replace this opportunity. -- Dávid Udvardy, Hungary