Rocca Calascio in afternoon light

Abruzzo October 22/23-28, 2022

7 of 10 seats available. This workshop will go ahead.

This workshop is back to back with the Tuscany workshop the week after this one and there is a 10% discount if you signup for both workshops.

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A 7 day (6 nights) photo workshop October 22/23-28, 2022 for up to 10 participants in the beautiful Abruzzo, Italy at the best time for autumn colors in one of the most beautiful areas in Europe. The areas around Gran Sasso is the main target for the workshop. There are many angles to these landscapes and picturesque small villages nearby which may also be explored. The locations will depend on the weather. The altitudes vary from about 1000 to 2000 meters. Notice that there si an optional day before the workhop on October 22 and see the schedule for the workshop.

In addition to the morning and late afternoon shoots there are class room sessions with photo critiques, presentations on optimal image quality and efficient shooting techniques. Post processing is really important and mandatory in order to get the potential from the images captured by the digital cameras. The classroom sessions will now focus even more on this area than in past workshops with sessions on image editing from RAW capture to final edits. Also HDR techniques without the HDR look will be presented.

The workshop is aimed at giving the workshop participant the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful areas of Europe and get some great pictures. You can find examples of pictures taken at the locations and at the time of year for the workshop. Scroll down to see the pictures or click here to see the pictures. The instructor is Hans Kruse, owner of HansKrusePhotography. He is very experienced in landscape photography and in post processing techniques. More of Hans Kruse's landscape photography work can be found here.


The workshop will include

  • lectures about composition, scene selection, technique, post processing, etc.
  • critique and discussion sessions about the pictures taken during the workshop
  • morning and afternoon shooting sessions through the area with a selection of the most interesting spots for the time of year
  • on location instructions and discussions about composition and technique
  • opportunity to learn from and get inspired by fellow photographers


The schedule will be adapted to the weather conditions. The detailed schedule for the 6/7 days is

  • October 22 (optional day): Arrival and afternoon shoot at 16:00. Dinner at 20:00.
  • October 23 (optional morning): Morning shoot. Breakfast. Classromm and working light lunch. Afternoon shoot. Dinner.
  • October 24: Morning shoot. Breakfast. Classromm and working light lunch. Afternoon shoot. Dinner.
  • October 25: Morning shoot. Breakfast. Classromm and working light lunch. Afternoon shoot. Dinner.
  • October 26: Morning shoot. Breakfast. Classromm and working light lunch. Afternoon shoot. Dinner.
  • October 27: Morning shoot. Breakfast. Classromm and working light lunch. Afternoon shoot. Dinner.
  • October 28: Morning shoot. Breakfast. End of workshop at 10:00.

To take full advantage of the option of early arrival please plan to arrive on October 22, 2022. The classroom sessions will contain sessions on camera setup and composition. Post processing techniques and critique sessions. At the end of the workshop we will prepare a slideshow with pictures from all participants.

This photo was shot during the Abruzzo October 2011 photo workshop.


There are no specific expectations for the skill level of the participants to get full value from the workshop. You will likely have been interested in photography for some years and have acquired a digital SLR or equivalent mirrorless camera and a few lenses. However less experienced photographers are equally welcome. The workshop will be adapted for the individuals attending such that individuals who need more guidance in certain areas will have the attention of the instructor to get help with the settings of the camera. For landscape photography in this area the focal lengths from 24mm to 200mm in 35mm full frame terms will be adequate (approx. 15mm to 135mm on crop DSLR cameras). A wider lens can be useful and a longer lens also (14mm and 500mm in 35mm full frame terms). It is expected that you are familiar with your camera including the most typical functions, however any question about camera operation and features are welcomed. Bring a manual for your camera too. A solid and stable tripod is essential and a cable/remote release for your camera. It is advised that you have practiced using your camera on a tripod so that you quickly can setup the camera as sometimes the lighting conditions change rapidly. The language of the workshop is English.

The instructor uses Canon R5 and Nikon Z7 and have detailed knowledge of these cameras (incl. previous Canon and Nikon DSLR's), however photographers with any camera are welcome. It is expected that you are familiar with the camera and menues since it is not possible for the instructor to know every variant of even Canon or Nikon cameras. For post processing the instructor will use and show Adobe Lightroom and with additional processing in Adobe Photoshop. For HDR Lightroom will be used to show this as well as a blending method in Photoshop when needed. It is highly recommended that the participants bring their own laptop for post processing. For critique sessions you will need a laptop to process your own images.
Lonely Tree in Campo Imperatore

On location conditions

The temperature will fall to around the freezing point at this time of year in the morning, so please bring warm clothes and good, comfortable footwear for the time we will spend outdoors. Only short walking distances are planned from the roads (up to 30 mins).

Pricing, accommodation and travel

The cost of the workshop is 1595 Euro which include hotel, meals and wine (breakfast, lunch time refreshments and evening dinner and drinks including wine). The hotel is a nice 3-star hotel La Compagnia del Viaggiatore which is located just outside of l'Aquila.  A single room for each participant (couples will be in double rooms).

The price does not include transport to and from the hotel (air fare, rental cars, etc.) and transport in the area. It is planned that the up to 10 participants and the instructor will drive in 3 cars for the shooting (the instructor in his car and 2 cars from the participants). To share a car e-mail addresses will be exchanged among the participants such that sharing of rental cars can be planned in advance. The distance from Fiumicino (airport of Rome) to the hotel is around 2 hours by car. A rental car no smaller than a Fiat Punto is assumed for 3-4 photographers per car including their equipment. Every day changing who is driving together. The reason for not including transportation is that it would add substantial extra cost to the workshop to include this and most participants would likely combine a workshop with a stay in the area. The hotel has conference facilities for class room sessions. Only registered participants are allowed to participate in any aspects of the workshop, no exceptions. If you would like to bring a spouse or friend to the workshop, then please indicate this in the registration e-mail and we will try to accommodate such requests on a space available basis. A spouse or friend cannot participate in any of the workshop activities, but is welcome to join the breakfasts, lunch and the dinners. A GPS app on a smart phone is highly recommended and mobile phones to get reconnected, if getting lost. The instructor will have a mobile phone operational at all times and walkie talkies in the cars.
A new morning in the mountains


Please book space on the workshop by sending an e-mail to Hans Kruse at or if you would like to ask additional questions about the workshop. You will get infomation about payment details and liability limitations. If you are not able to join this workshop or it is sold out, then please consult the workshop schedule or contact Hans Kruse. As the time of the workshop approaches (3-4 weeks in advance) you will get updates on the detailed schedule and meeting times and additional relevant information. You are welcome to divide the payment of the 1595 Euro into a non-refundable deposit of 445 Euro at sign-up and payment of the 1150 Euro August 1st, 2022. Please find the cancelation policy on the workshop overview page.

Please see feedback from previous workshop participants.